Welcome to HEKİMZADE

  • Since 1999, Hekimzade has unearthed many works and studies written on archaic medicine and traditional medicine in Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Andalusia, combined all the information with the new medical researches and studies, examined them on many patients and reached positive results. 100% herbal natural products of Hekimzade gave a start to many clinical studies in Turkey and were proved to be naturally effective.
  • Our goal: Phytotherapy  (herbal treatment) is also proven efficacy in clinical trials, old, new, and we're working on the correct clinical studies, to provide products to patients  with reliable results, preventive care, people with ill health while preserving the logic to provide a long and healthy life.
  • Our target; Alternative Medicine in conjunction with existing health promotion and preventive medicine have become ill and to prevent people who work in treating diseases which have been proven in clinical trials to provide efficacy. Natural, products do not have side effects, is to provide opportunities for fast, reliable alternative treatment.



- Franchises will be given